I’ve been had

Color me embarrassed.

I got sucked in by how real the site looked and didn’t do my homework.

My best friend CB was intrigued by my last post and started doing some checking. A quick search on the internet turned up the Wiki entry on Net Authority. Which revealed it as a “parody site” created by one Rudis Muiznieks.

There seems to be some confusion as to the gender of Rudis, for the sake of brevity (read laziness) I will refer to him/her henceforth in the generic male.

Apparently his contention is that, since he can create a religious whacko parody site that people mistake for a real religious whacko site, all religious people must be whackos…or some such.

Anyway, as embarrassed as I am that I fell for it, I have to admit that it is funny as heck. I’m still giggling about it a little bit. As skeptical as I tend to be, if a hoax is well crafted and slick, I can still be sucked right in like any naive noob.

As much as I disagree with the perpetrator’s contention, I applaud the effort and skill that went into crafting the hoax. Well played, sir.


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