New and improved

I followed the advice of commenter and my best friend from WAAAAAY back, CB.

I recorded a voiceover for the M1 Carbine Assembly video that I did before.

This text will be replaced

He’s also recommended a couple of things for me to collect some spare change toward replacing my recently deceased computer and coming into the Maclight.

Here’s what I’m a gonna do. I’m going to put my gunsmithing series posts on CD. I’m going to put up a payment link (I’m trying to use gearpay but they haven’t perfected their vendor functions yet…if they don’t get it ready by the time I’m finished converting all these posts, I’ll hold my nose and use Paypal) and sell copies of the M1 Carbine series posts and the “Evolution of a homeland defense rifle” posts for a nominal sum.

Depending upon the reception that this video receives, I’m planning on doing some more, better quality videos based on field stripping, cleaning and reassembly of all of my firearms. I’ll post them as I finish them (at reduced, for the web, resolution) but I’ll also make them available (at full quality resolution) for purchase as well.

He gave me a couple other ideas that I’m kicking around as well.

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, ideas for more videos or posts, anything that might help me raise enough money to buy a replacement computer so I can get off this dog slow dinosaur that I’m currently cursed with…please leave a comment.


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