Norfolk SWAT team successfully assaults home

Wednesday, the intrepid local SWAT team, after a tense 5 hour standoff involving high powered, sniper, armor piercing, spray firing, teflon coated, hyper accurate assault weapons and dunkin’ donuts coffee, successfully, and without injury to any of our city’s finest, assaulted, subdued and detained an empty house.

No word on whether the house was charged or simply detained and released.

Seriously, and on a positive note, they did eventually capture the (alleged) murdering scumbag they were after in a different home (no mention of the SWAT team being involved in the actual arrest).

But even the good news adds more questions to the odyssey of the empty house: In today’s article:

U.S. Marshals and police had hoped they would nab Ward on Wednesday when they surrounded a home that had been under surveillance for several days at the intersection of Shady and Stalham roads. Investigators were acting on a tip, police said.

Um…the house had been under surveillance for “several days” and yet they had no idea that they were involved in a standoff for 5 hours with an EMPTY HOUSE???

Notably absent from the story was, to whom did the empty house belong? Were they charged with a crime? Where were they during all of this? Who is going to pay for the damage to the house? How many officers were involved and how much is this going to cost the taxpayers? How much of the area went without police coverage during the 5 hour standoff and subsequent “cleaning up” after the successful home beat down? Is it common practice to assault empty homes that there was obviously no physical evidence that the perpetrator occupied (since he…um…wasn’t there) based solely on a “tip?” Does that mean that I can get the home of …say…Mayor Fraim…assaulted by the Police if I give them a tip that a wanted person is occupying the residence?

So many questions…so few answers offered by our local “journalists”. As I asked in my comment to the article: Was the “journalist” reporting the news, or just cheerleading for the police?


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