We’re Back

Actually, been back since late Saturday but have been too busy to blog.

We had a great trip. We both took half a day off on Wednesday to get an early start and that helped us miss the worst of the traffic. The drive home on Saturday was smooth sailing and we made good time.

We were at my step-father’s farm in Pennsylvania. He owns 40 acres near Indiana, PA, about 2 hours or so east of Pittsburgh. I love his place…one of his fields is fairly flat and ends at the foot of a decent sized hill, it makes a perfect rifle range. Unfortunately, we were too busy and never got a chance to do any shooting. Oh well, maybe next time.

My lovely wife is a Steelers fan (born in Rhode Island, lived most of her life in Virginia, married to a Hoosier…of COURSE she’s a Steelers fan [that was facetious…sarcasm sometimes doesn’t come across properly in the printed word]). She took advantage of the opportunity to purchase some Steelers paraphernalia while we were there.

Turkey day was wonderful and, I have to admit, It was a nice break not to have to make all the food for the first time in several years. I always make everything from scratch for Thanksgiving so I end up cooking for at least three days in preparation.

The only downside is no leftovers for us this year. Oh well…cost/benefit.

We did take the dogs with us and gave them the opportunity to run in the fields while we were there. They loved it and they were very good and never got out of sight of us. Roxy, (the black lab) kept trying to crawl into the groundhog holes though. I think she would have gotten herself completely underground had we allowed her enough time to invest in excavation.

I took some video of them with my cheapo digital camera. I couldn’t do much editing and this dog of a computer can’t handle anything over a couple of minutes of video so it’s pretty limited, but, for what it’s worth, it’s here in all its glory (what do you think of my new production company logo?)

Anyway, it was a good trip and very relaxing. Can’t wait to get out there again soon.

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