Christmas post

I don’t generally post on weekends or holidays (I have a life in the meat world) so, even though I’m actually off work today, I definitely won’t be posting tomorrow; therefore, I wanted to get a quick holiday post up today before I start cooking for tomorrow.

I consider Christmas to be the second most religiously significant Christian observance (behind Easter).

The birth of Jesus is shrouded in controversy and the stories as told by the disciples are filled with symbolism. As such, many people doubt that Jesus was truly born of a virgin, that a star marked the location of his birth, that God truly sent his Son to live as a flesh and blood human.

To be perfectly honest, I have my own doubts about the literal accuracy of some of the biblical stories that were related by people who did not witness the events and wrote their accounts years…in some cases, hundreds or thousands of years…after they took place.

For me, though, whether all of the stories are 100% literally accurate or not does not detract from the basic overall truths presented in the Bible. Whether Mary was a Virgin or not does not take away from the profound impact that her son had on humanity and does not detract one whit, as far as I’m concerned, from the basic truth of His message.

I’m no biblical scholar or theologian, I can’t write dissertations on the physical evidence of God or “prove” his existence to an unbeliever and I wouldn’t deign to try; I only know what God has done personally for me in my own life. I only know what I’ve seen Him do for the others in my life. God can truly do amazing things. He has the ability to save us from ourselves and our own base, deeply flawed, humanity.

No, my role is not to proselytize, my role is not to evangelize, my role is nothing more than to live my life in His image to the best of my weak and flawed ability and let my life speak for His power and grace. I once was lost but now I’m found, was blind but now I see, and on this Christmas Eve I thank God for the purpose behind this important and significant Christian holiday.


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