Some of you may have noticed a comment from Katrice in the “recent comments” section of the sidebar.

Hi my name is Katrice. I pray that God continues to protect your family.
I am Dwaynes’ niece, he is 4 years older than me. Today I am having one of those bad days. So for the first time I decided that I am going to read everything about him in his memory. I just miss him so much, I wish I could talk and laugh with him. I wish I can play disney trivia, which he always has won, because his daughter is a disney princess fanatic. My daughter is a few months older than Ayahnah, but she doesn’t give me enough info to win. I just want to say that you meet good people in life. When you have so one in your life that is so honorable and so wonderful, you have to cherish it, because you never know when God is going to call them home. I am glad that he knew how much our family loved him. How proud we still are. If I had one more day to just laugh with him. I would cherish that day forever. I know this may sound corny, but I just can’t stop thinking of him. He taught me how to ride a bike, how to drive, to Love God and myself. He showed some many values by example. I make him a promise and myself. I promise to make a difference in my life as well as the life of others. I promise to achieve and to move forwawrd with courage and dignity. I promise to teach my children everything he has taught me. I promise never to forget him and never to stop loving him. I also thank the Patriot Riders for being there it truly showed honor, it showed how that love, honor, and respect joins us all together. Even if I am scared to ride a motor cycle. It was an honor and an outstanding blessing to have you ride in honor of my Uncle Dwayne.

With Haloscan comments, sometimes it’s difficult to figure out which post the comment refers to. Her comment was regarding This Post about the Patriot Guard Riders mission in honor of CW2 Dwayne Moore.

Reading her comment again this morning had the same effect as reading it last night: the tears are streaming down my face as I type.

Katrice, if you are reading this: thank you for sharing your thoughts and your love for your Uncle with us. I hope my (admittedly inadequate) scribblings offered some small comfort to you. I prayed for you and the rest of your family this morning. Rest assured, your Uncle is not forgotten. His sacrifice is appreciated, but also appreciated is the family that produces such honorable and selfless people. Heros don’t just happen. They are raised, nurtured, loved and taught to be who they are by the family that supports them.

Having met several of the family members at the funeral and seen your mettle and makeup, I’m certain that CW2 Moore occupies an honored place at the right hand of God and that you will see him again.

Thank you again for stopping by and for honoring me so with your comment.

And if you ever decide to face your fear and give motorcycling a try, I’d be honored to have you ride with me. Send me an e-mail.


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