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Minn man shoots cops after SWAT kicks down door.

Pertinent details straight from the news report…I re-ordered it somewhat to make my point:

A Minneapolis police SWAT team kicked in the wrong door yesterday during an early morning raid…the homeowner, Vang Khang…”took out his shotgun and he said if they are bad guys I’ll shoot, I’ll scare them away,”…”he fired first, he told me it was two shots”…

“I must’ve heard over 20 or 30 shots, I swear, it was scary,” –Ruth Hayes, the family’s next-door neighbor

No one from the family was hit during the exchange of gunfire. Vang hit two officers.

Sgt. Jesse Garcia tells the station. “It’s unfortunate because we have officers that were hit by gunfire and this truly, truly could have been a much worse situation.”

Yes, if the cops had been able to shoot worth a damn, it truly COULD have been a worse situation.

We have all the crucial elements here:

1. Incompetent cops assault the wrong house (again).

2. Jack-booted thug, militarized police assault a home rather than knock on the freaking door and ask the “suspects” to surrender.

3. Law abiding homeowner, surprised by the attack attempts to defend his home and his family.

Yes, this could have been MUCH worse.

But you’ve got to admit, since it DIDN’T turn out badly, it’s pretty darn funny: Homeowner: 2 shots fired, two hits. Cops: 18-28+ shots fired, zero hits.

But WE’RE the ones that can’t be trusted with firearms.



Police haven’t decided whether they’ll try to charge Khang with a crime.

Since when could it even remotely be considered a crime to protect your home and family from a violent, unjustified invasion?

What if Mr. Khang had chosen a utility rifle rather than a shotgun for home defense? A utility rifle would have defeated the police body armor and you would have two seriously injured or dead cops rather than two shaken and embarrassed ones.

What do you think the odds are that Khang wouldn’t be charged had he killed those two cops? I’ll bet he’d be fighting in court for his life and freedom for years to come…for the heinous crime of defending his family against an armed attack.

What a world we live in.

Update: I’m in good company. Uncle’s on it too.


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