Well, he got his wish

Now that his face is plastered across every newspaper and on every TV station in the country.

The young shooter, who left a note predicting, “Now I’ll be famous,” wounded five others, two critically, then took his own life.

Which makes me wonder how long it will be before the copycats start. Next week? Next month?

Public safety bedamned, there’s a story here and ratings are just more important.

My first thoughts when I began to hear reports of this incident yesterday were sympathy for the victims and their families. My brother is in the process of moving to Omaha and my Sister in Law, niece and nephew already live there. Now that my prayers for them have been prayed, this morning’s sensationalistic news coverage evoked a different emotion:

I’m pissed.

These people simply DO NOT CARE how their coverage affects other people. It has been pointed out time and again that this type of coverage is exactly what the unbalanced people who commit these crimes are seeking. Other mentally disturbed people who desperately want attention see this coverage and they want this kind of notoriety for themselves. They see the perpetrators of these crimes as heros and people to be emulated…not as the monsters they are. This type of breathless, excited reporting is exactly why these types of attacks continue to occur so regularly…and yet the media persists. Ratings, not common sense, not a sense of duty or responsibility…ratings alone rule the world of the media. I have had no choice in the past several years but to come to the inescapable conclusion that “journalism” is, at its core, a dishonorable profession full of dishonorable people. I’m sure that there are some honorable journalists out there, but their chosen profession has been tainted and, so, they are tainted by proxy.

Several other things occurred to me during the few minutes that I could stomach watching the coverage: This was a mall, was it a “gun free zone?” I haven’t seen a definitive answer to that but I’d be willing to bet that it was.

UPDATE: It was:

In fact, although some chains such as Bag ‘N Save have posted signs and shopping malls such as Westroads Mall have added “no weapons” clauses to their posted codes of conduct, many small businesses haven’t seen the need.

Hat tip to Bruce


Upon seeing the terrified victims who did nothing but cower, run and hide, I am disgusted by what America has become. I’ve said many times that I fear the vast majority of humanity is fit only for slavery and I’m proven correct day by day.

Far have we fallen from “Give me liberty or give me death”, “I regret that I have but one life to give for my country”, “Surrender? NUTS.”
There was not ONE courageous soul in that entire mall who would place themselves in harm’s way to save others? There was not one person who would take their responsibilities for the safety of themselves and their family seriously enough to be properly armed and prepared?

When are we, as a people, going to learn? It took police only SIX MINUTES to respond. But in that time, EIGHT people were killed and, by the time the police arrived, the perpetrator had already ended his own life…presumably when his supply of ammunition ran low.

Nothing more poignantly illustrates the old adage “when seconds count, the Police are only minutes away.”

Anyone who reads me regularly knows that I don’t engage in frivolous use of foul language but I simply cannot think of another word to adequately express my feelings right now: we have become a nation of pussies.

This simultaneously saddens, and infuriates me.

And, of course, now the inevitable calls for more gun control will begin. Those who delight in Saltatus Cruoris will begin their ancient rituals. Cries for restoration of the “assault weapons ban”, which, by the way, never banned the weapon used in this instance, will be deafening. Calls for “closing the gun show loophole” will increase in volume, even though the rifle was not obtained from a gun show. More and new creative ways to infringe upon our rights will be struck upon, regardless of their pertinence to this particular incident. It never ends.

In response to danger, we demand to be made more helpless. We demand that our master tighten our bonds lest we harm ourselves in our freedom. I weep for the future of my children and their children and the generations that follow them. We are on the path toward slavery and I see no fork in the road ahead. I weep.


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