What I’ve been up to lately

Update: Well, it wasn’t the brushes.

The Rotor windings are open. Of course the Honda Stealer here doesn’t have the parts in stock (and they were too expensive anyway) so I had to order them online from Honda Directline. $167.00 and I get to wait at least a week for the parts to get here…Oh well. Merry Christmas to me. The advantage is that I’m going to go ahead and replace the seals, o-rings, bearings, brushes etc while I’ve got it apart…by ordering online I got all the parts for about $30 less than the Rotor core alone would have cost at the dealer.

And, while I can’t ride her anyway, I might as well break her all the way down, do a good inspection, bust any rust I find, clean and detail, lube, catch up on all the scheduled maintenance that would be due in the next few thousand miles, etc etc etc. By the time I get the alternator to alternating again, It’ll be like having a brand new bike.


It occurred to me that I need to let my loyal readers know what’s going on in my life, even if it isn’t politics or gun related. I’ve been sadly deficient lately in reporting the daily grind.

What have I been up to lately?

Well, my primary mode of transportation has been a bit under the weather.

It kind of happened all at once, She was running hot, straight and normal when, all of the sudden, she just decided to quit on me. Then, when I tried to re-start, the battery was dead.


The only thing “different” that I had done lately was, the weather had gotten a little colder so I had turned on the aftermarket grip heaters that I installed a couple of years ago. I was thinking that maybe they were going bad and were pulling too much current.

Upon troubleshooting, however, I discovered something much more nefarious: the Alternator had quit alternating.

I’m hoping its just the brushes which will only cost maybe $20 to replace. I’ll find out after work this evening when I tear this baby apart.

Anyway, that’s what’s been occupying my “spare” time (HAH!) over the past few days.

Nate: I got your package from FEDEX and I’ll get it done as soon as I can. If the alternator surgery goes well I may be able to get it done this weekend, otherwise, it will have to wait until after Christmas.


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