Another one bites the dust

A change in “house rules” that would deprive me the pleasure of setting off the metal detectors at the Capital building went down in flames.

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) – The House of Delegates overwhelmingly rejected a proposal Wednesday to restrict the possession of guns at the Virginia Capitol.

The House voted 77-18 to reject Delegate Lionel Spruill’s proposed change in House rules.

I especially like this part:

Spruill said some citizens visiting the Capitol earlier this week felt unsafe because gun-rights activists were on the grounds carrying their firearms.

Aaah, the old “right to FEEL safe.” Tell me Delegate Spruill, did any one of those hundreds of armed, law abiding citizens “on the grounds” so much as give anyone a dirty look?

Has there EVER been a crime committed on Capital grounds by a Concealed Carry Permit holder since the state went “shall issue” in 1995?

Rhetorical question, I know the answer is “no”

Then those people who “felt” unsafe were reacting in an irrational manner to a non-existent threat, now weren’t they?

Only sheep worry about “feeling” safe. What’s important is whether you actually ARE safe or not…and the only person responsible for providing for that safety is…you.

ps. I’m curious: Did any of the “citizens” who “felt unsafe” happen to have the initials Lionel Spruill?

Hat Tip to VCDL


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