Big News

A while back, I put Paypal and Gearpay tip jars in the sidebar and announced that I’d send a CD of my posts on the M1 Carbine, SKS or both for donations.

At the time, I only had the M1 Carbine posts rendered to CD and was working on getting the SKS posts ready.

That’s been up for a while and I hadn’t had much interest in it. I believe one reader said they’d order after the SKS posts were done but that was all the interest that anyone showed.

I really kind of lost hope that I’d get any “action” on that great idea and had let getting the SKS posts slide.

Well, I had a couple of people make donations late last week and that motivated me to finally finish the SKS posts. They are done and ready to ship so if that’s what you were waiting for…the time has come.

As an added bonus, I was able to salvage all but one of the posts from my earlier blog that I thought had been lost forever. The “wayback machine” web archive had the text of the posts with no photos but…luckily, I still had access to the photos.

That means that if you donate and ask for the SKS posts, you’ll get a bonus of six posts that aren’t even available on this blog. What a bargain.

I updated the bleg in the sidebar to reflect that all the posts are now available.

Operators are standing by so don’t let this once in a lifetime opportunity pass you by.


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