Brady Campaign lawyer

gets his ass handed to him…In the Press no less.

But Gilbert’s bill is a bad idea and would cost lives, according to Brian J. Siebel, senior attorney with the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

“Had Mr. Gilbert’s law gone through [in 2006] and [the Virginia Tech shooter] had gone out and applied for a concealed carry license in order to bring guns legally onto campus, the state of Virginia would have given him a license,” Siebel said.

The Virginia Tech Review Panel’s report suggests otherwise, though.

In addition to passing a background check, Virginia’s law requires concealed carry applicants to prove to a judge that they’ve had adequate firearms training before a permit is granted.

Applicants also must answer questions about their mental health status, including questions like “Have you been involuntarily committed to a mental institution?”

The Tech gunman was involuntarily committed for a short time to St. Albans Behavioral Mental Health Center in the years prior to his rampage, according to the review panel’s report.

The Brady Campaign is simply “trying to paint this as some sort of ‘Animal House gets guns’ kind of scenario,” Gilbert said. Besides, students with CCW permits already have the law on their side.

Kudos to the journalist for doing what so many refuse to do…check out the assertions made by the Bradys instead of just printing them as though they were gospel.

Read the whole thing, it’s worth it for the entertainment value alone.

I bet Mr. Siebel was flabbergasted when he realized that the Northern Virginia Daily hadn’t just unquestioningly regurgitated his talking points as most other papers would have done.

Hat Tip to the Virginia Citizen’s Defense League VA-Alert


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