Drug Raid Update

A jailhouse interview with the suspect in the Virginian Pilot.

Ryan Frederick said Thursday he’s not the “drug lord” some people might make him out to be, but a scared, 100-pound man who thought someone was breaking into his home.

Frederick said he was sleeping in a back bedroom because his job as a soft drink merchandiser required him to get up early. His dogs, Dora and Bud, were in the house. He woke up because his dogs “were barking like crazy. They’re going like really crazy, so I grab my gun. As I’m walking through the hall, someone comes busting through my door.”

In tears at times, Frederick said he doesn’t grow or sell marijuana. He had a smoking bong and a small bag of marijuana, he said.

Frederick said if police found drugs, it was a small amount of marijuana he had for personal use.

“They made a mistake,’’ he said. “It’s a damn shame, too, because someone had to lose their life over it and I’m in jail about to lose my life over it.”

There’s more, it’s worth it to read the whole thing.

So far, the story still smells like a misdirected Police “dynamic entry” gone wrong.

How many times does this have to happen before we put a stop to it?

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