It would be funny

If it weren’t so sad.

Perusing all of the articles in my local paper related to the Virginia General assembly we find bills that would relax standards by which people may be involuntarily committed to an institution, would release cities from the responsibility of environmental impact studies before implementing “light rail” mass transit projects, would criminalize the “kidnapping” of cats and on and on and on.

What story generated the most comments by far?

The next highest comment count that I saw was 47.

The nanny state is trying to ban smoking, regulate diet, eliminate a fundamental right enshrined in the bill of rights, criminalize the capture of creatures that freely wander our neighborhoods (and crap in our flowerbeds), allow government to ignore environmental protections that private businesses must follow religiously…

and what does the citizenry get all up in arms about?

The “right” to attach a rubber scrotum to one’s trailer hitch.

[pounds head against desk repeatedly until unconscious]


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