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On the Chesapeake Police Raid gone bad.

Police spokeswoman Christi Golden said today that she did not know if drugs were found during the search at the home.

And as of 2 p.m. today, police had not filed a return form with the courts, which should list specifically what was found in the home.

When detectives tried to enter the house on Jan. 17 shots were fired from inside and Shivers was hit, Golden said today. She would not say how many times Shivers was shot, where he was hit or if the shots came through a door.

Golden said police did a “knock and announce” at the home. That is a procedure when police approach a door and announce their presence before entering.

The word “POLICE” was displayed on the officers’ body armor and the officers were wearing badges, Golden said. Helmets were worn and had the word “POLICE” on them, she said.

After the shooting, detectives retreated and waited for a SWAT team to arrive, Golden said. When SWAT entered the house, no suspects other than Frederick were found


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