The other side of the drug raid

Further to the on-going coverage here, here, here, here and here.

An interview with a fellow Officer and friend of Detective Shivers.

Officers trying to serve a narcotics search warrant at the house executed a “well-thought-out operation,” performing exactly as they were trained, said police Detective J. Duncan. Duncan was at the house, but would not provide details.

Police spokeswoman Christina Golden said those serving the warrant knocked and announced their presence while wearing helmets marked “Police.” She said the officers were also wearing badges and body armor.

Knocking and announcing as the ram is swinging toward the door is not the same thing as knocking and waiting for an answer.

“If we did it again tomorrow, we’d do it the exact same way,” Duncan said.

And therein lies the problem.

As I said in comments to a discussion thread on the Daily Press Story, we do not live in a Police state. Someone needs to explain that to the police.

Update: And I just said it again in comments to the above story on the Virginian Pilot. It’s beginning to get redundant but if it is said often enough, maybe someone will get the idea.


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