Product Review 2

I’m going to do another quick product review on something that I actually bought a while back.

This product is what convinced me to actually try out Midway’s house brand range bag. Normally, I wouldn’t expect much from such a reasonably priced product (even if it was at a special dealer price) but I had purchased another of Midway’s house brand products and I was extremely happy with it so I thought I’d give the range bag a chance…I’m glad I did.

Anyway, the other product was their Shooting Mat.

I had been looking for one for quite some time and every time I found one that looked decent it was $80 or more. I happened to run across Midway USA’s offering when it was on sale for $24.99. It is on sale for that price right now (and, honestly, seems to be available for that price on a regular basis). Basically, I was looking at a mat for about $50 less than anything I’d seen anywhere else. I decided, what the heck, I might as well give it a try. Even if it only lasts me a season or two, I’ve got something to use for now.

After getting it, I was very surprised by the quality of the product. It was at least as good as many I’d seen match competitors using that they’d paid four times as much for.

I’ve had this mat for going on two years now and it has held up extremely well. It is well made, of good quality materials and suits my needs perfectly.

As I said before, the quality of this product is what made me comfortable with trying their range bag. I have to say that, based upon these two items, I’m pretty much sold on Midway USA branded textile products. These products are easily as well made and functional as the most expensive on the market for a fraction of the price. Unfortunately, these are the only two products of this type in their current lineup. They have a couple of rifle soft cases listed as “coming soon”; my question is: when are they going to expand their line and offer other competition shooting products…namely shooting coats and gloves? As soon as they do, I’m in for one of each.


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