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I’m starting a new category (of which this is the first post) called “Product Reviews”. I’ve reviewed products before, but generally embedded in the post to which the product purchase was related.

There probably won’t be a huge number of posts in this category as I’m simply too poor to purchase that many new products to review…if any companies out there want to submit free samples for review, I’m available.

Click all pix to make bigger. The pistol is included in some pix for scale.

Anyway, what is prompting this is the fact that my range bag was getting a bit ratty. I bought the cheapest one I could find a few years ago and re-discovered the old apothegm “you get what you pay for.” The zippers began ceasing to function shortly after its first use. It was also a bit too small and the outside pockets were too small to really be useful.

Always on the lookout for a bargain, I noticed that Midway USA had their house branded large range bag on sale, reduced from 59.99 to 39.99. It was a “dealer special” last month so because I have a C&R FFL, I got an even deeper discount which I won’t reveal lest you become jealous.

The BBTOJ came today. As you can see, it is significantly larger than my old one. I used a ruler and some imagination to visualize the overall size of this bag before ordering but the sheer dimensions just didn’t sink in until I took it out of the box and had it in hand. It is a very large bag. I like it at this point, but It may become a bit unwieldy to carry around. Time will tell.

The best thing about it to my mind is that it comes with lots of goodies. It has three large external pockets, two on the front and another on one end. The other end has a smaller pocket and a drink bottle pouch.

The rear has a single very large panel that completely opens to reveal a row of pouches perfect for pistol magazines and an elastic shell/cartridge/tool holder on the flap. There is also a long pocket behind the magazine pouches. This would be a perfect place to carry paper targets, shooting logs, paperwork etc to keep from having to roll, fold, spindle or mutilate them too much as well.

Opening the bag reveals two padded, zippered pouches for handguns or other small storage needs. The roomy inner compartment features pouches on both sides for more organization.

It also includes a removable inner bag that has movable dividers that are attached with Velcro and a clip on, mesh bottom cartridge case bag.

At first blush the bag seems to be very well made with solid stitching and heavyweight nylon handles and straps. The zippers are very beefy (albeit plastic) and open and close smoothly. The clips that hold the cartridge case bag and the carry strap in place are metal, not plastic, and the nylon sides are heavy with good padding and hold their shape even when empty.

Only time will tell how well this bag will hold up to use, but I am extremely pleased with my purchase at this point. I’ll keep you updated on it.

On an unrelated note: Is this one of those “You might be a gun nut if…” observations? I buy Hoppes No 9 Solvent by the quart and it still doesn’t seem like it lasts long enough.


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