SB 109 in a coma

The “Close the gun show loophole” bill was not exactly “killed” but it took a severe blow to the head, resulting in a coma that takes it off the agenda probably until next year.

The legislation was sent to the State Crime Commission for further study, meaning the measure would likely not be reconsidered by the General Assembly until 2009.

I would have rather seen it voted down outright, but this is about the best that can be expected from a Senate that is majority Democrat…even if pro-gun.

Do the pro-gun Dems support their constituents and vote the bill down or do they support their party and pass it? Neither…they put it off for another day.

Not a perfect solution but it’ll do.

In other news, three other bills were outright slain yesterday in the Senate Local Government Committee.

A measure that Locke said was requested by Newport News would have allowed local governments to restrict the carrying of guns in libraries, even by individuals with permits for concealed weapons.

Locke’s other bill would have prevented people from bringing guns to outdoor festivals, fairs, theater performances and similar events with attendance of more than 500.

The third bill, introduced by Sen. Mary Margaret Whipple, D-Arlington, would have given localities the power to ban guns on property owned or leased by local governments.

So far so good. Our elected representatives are living up to their responsibilities…at least up to this point.


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