Talk about Timely

In light of the recent drug raid that relied solely on the word of a “confidential informant” and resulted in the death of a Chesapeake Police Officer and the incarceration of a man with no criminal record and scant evidence of any criminal activity, David Hardy discovers this timely story and analysis:

It’s also a handy time-saver for work- and risk-averse law enforcement officers and DEA agents: Rather than building cases based on shoe-leather investigative work, they can simply create a stable of informants and “cooperators” and manufacture drug cases ex nihilo using their “witnesses” as ventriloquist’s dummies.

Considering how notoriously unreliable human beings tend to be, you would think the testimony of known criminals would be taken with a grain of salt.

I have no problem with BASING an investigation on the word of an informant; I would think that a tip from a “CI” would be good place to start. But when that word is the ENTIRE investigation (as was the case in Chesapeake as well)…

I can almost understand the Police basing an entire case on the word of a “reliable” informant. There are a lot more scum bags than there are cops. I’m sure it can seem overwhelming at times…I say “almost.” If the job of actually investigating alleged crimes is too much of a hassle and they care so little about their integrity and that whole “protect and serve” thing: I would submit that they should probably consider an alternative career field that has a bit less potential for destroying innocent citizen’s lives. Perhaps something in the food services industry?

But I CANNOT understand how any self-respecting juror could send a fellow citizen to prison on nothing more than the word of a street thug. I just don’t get it. Are there THAT many people out there that refuse to THINK and REASON? Or do they have an “approved” pool of jurors from which they select members in trials such as these?

News flash: street thugs and criminals lie. If it will get them what they want, get them special treatment from the feds, keep them out of prison…they will lie.

These Police State tactics have got to stop.


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