They’re Here!

My alternator parts came in today…YAY!!!!!

It’s actually a bit strange because my order status on the Honda Directline web site still says “Received”. I would think it would change to “processing” then “shipped” at some point before it is actually delivered…but what do I know.

I had checked the status yesterday and was a bit chagrined that it hadn’t changed since the day I ordered. I was planning on having a very one sided conversation with their customer service department today if there had been no change…but then the package came. And the order status STILL hasn’t changed.

Fair warning: If you order from Honda Directline, don’t expect the order status page to reflect the actual status of your order.

Anyway, I’m just glad the parts came in. I guess you know what I’ll be doing this evening.

I’m very relieved. You don’t really appreciate the current price of gas when you can drive all week on 4 or 5 gallons. I’ve been stuck with hauling my butt around in my F-250 for the past few weeks and I’m going broke.

Update 10:45pm: All done. Rebuilt, reassembled, reinstalled and alternating merrily away.

The hardest part was getting the plastic trim piece that goes between the engine and the battery compartment back in place. Once installed, it’s jammed in tight and figuring out exactly how to maneuver it in there is Honda’s version of a brain teaser. Anyway, it’s done so I can park the behemoth gas guzzling beast and get back on my fuel budget.

Now to go eat some of the DELICIOUS beef and vegetable stew that I made last night. YUM. Why is stuff like that always better as leftovers???


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