This explains it.

Now I know why my delegate was too busy to speak with her constituents during lobby day yesterday.

She was too busy deciding whether to ban aluminum bats in High School baseball or not.

Miller said this morning she’s pulling a bill she introduced that would allow only wooden bats at school games because the Virginia High School League has agreed to study the issue.

Metal bats pose a safety threat because balls fly off the bat faster than they do off wooden ones, Miller said. As an example, Miller said her son, George, a high school pitcher at Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School in Virginia Beach, was hit in the kneecap by a fast-moving ball. He went to the emergency room, but the injury was not serious.

“My interest is in the safety,” she said.

Her widdle baby gotta boo boo.

So she wants to ban those evil assault bats “for the chiiiiiillllllddddrrreeeen”


Next they’ll ban wooden bats because they can break, sending heavy wood chunks flying and injuring poor unsuspecting baseball players. Pretty soon, high school sports will be restricted to whiffle ball and the chess club.


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