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From VCDL.

Delegate Janis’s HB 710, his “castle doctrine” bill, was reported out of subcommittee today and will be voted on in full committee on Friday!

Delegate Carrico’s HB 371, which puts teeth in firearms preemption laws, has passed the House by a whopping 88 to 11 vote and is on the way to the Senate!

The 11 that voted to against HB 371 and who apparently want localities to go unpunished if they break the law were:

Amundson, Brink, Ebbin, Eisenberg, Englin, Hull, Jones, D.C., Plum, Scott, J.M., Sickles, Spruill

Delegate Pogge’s HB 529, which allows CHP holders to request a change of address and allows renewals to become effective when an old CHP expires, passed the House by a 97 to 2 margin and heads to the Senate.

Voting against HB 529 were:

Scott, J.M., Spruill

Delegate Johnson’s HB 873, which clarifies that CHP proof of training never expires, passed the House by a 95 to 2 vote and heads to the Senate.

Voting against HB 873 were:

Jones, D.C., Spruill

Shhheeeessssh!!! Spruill, who is a CHP holder according to the press, has got to be the worst hypocrite of the bunch, voting wrong on any gun bill no matter what it does.

Your requests for Delegate Albo’s mental health/gun bill was heard and the bill was passed by and re-referred back to the House Courts of Justice committee. Delegate Albo has been very helpful in working with VCDL and other gun organizations to make sure that his bill doesn’t have any pitfalls. We will have to wait for the final bill, but so far so good.

Tomorrow night, Thursday, at 5 PM, the Militia, Police and Public Safety is going to hear some (mostly anti) gun bills:

HB 709, Delegate Janis, mental health questions on gun purchase form bill. VCDL is NEUTRAL on this bill.

HB 734, Delegate Caputo, makes carry in a library illegal.

HB 746, Delegate Caputo, makes carry in a child day center illegal. Hmmm – am I seeing a pattern here with Delegate Caputo? 😉

HB 835, Delegate Moran, takes away gun rights from a person who is incompetent to stand trial. This is overreaching as one can be temporarily incompetent to stand trial, but not permanently (such as if you are drunk).

HB 1414, Delegate Jim Scott, covers notification of State Police when a person’s CHP has been revoked. VCDL is NEUTRAL on this bill.

We’ve been having a good session so far. We’ve had only one issue that could be considered a “loss” so far. A VCDL opposed bill, SB222, was passed in the Senate, but it still must make it through the house. Other than that, we’ve had a very productive session.

Don’t forget about VCDL’s Legislative Tracking Tool which is very handy in getting up to date status on all bills that VCDL is concerned with.

There’s also another web site that I recently found called Richmond Sunlight. It provides information on the General Assembly in general and all of the legislation making its way through the labyrinth.

Did you know that, so far this session, there have been 1,901 bills introduced in the House and 950 in the Senate.

Sheesh! Don’t these people have anything better to do?


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