Update: The Virginian Pilot has graciously provided a pdf of the Search Warrants in this case. What I found especially interesting was the list of items seized. Note that there is no mention of drugs or drug paraphernalia. Also note the listing of a “pry bar” and “battering ram”. Whether those tools were used in the initial attempt to “serve the warrant” or by the SWAT team to take Mr. Frederick into custody is unclear but it definitely raises some questions. If the prybar and battering ram were used by the SWAT team to effect the arrest, how could they possibly be construed to be evidence in the “murder” which had occurred much earlier?

The fact that there is no mention anywhere of any drugs or paraphernalia being seized under either warrant lends credence to the supposition that this was an errant raid that had disastrous consequences.

Also…I edited the first paragraph of the below post to clean it up. Reading it later, I got the impression that English was the author’s second language…talk about horrible grammatical structure. It didn’t even make sense to me and I wrote it.


Laughingdog provided a link to an update to a story I mentioned a few days ago wherein a Chesapeake Police officer was killed while attempting to “serve” a narcotics warrant.

The more information we get, the more it looks like this MIGHT have been a classic case of the Police assaulting an innocent person’s house and being on the wrong end of said innocent exercising their right to self-defense.

The jury is still out and I’m not saying that’s DEFINITELY what it was, but it sure is looking that way.

Anyway, in the comments to that story, I found this link to the story on a site called “PoliceLink.” I think, based upon the name of the site, it isn’t unexpected to detect some bias toward the law enforcement viewpoint, but some of the comments on that site were downright scary. For example, LAPDedOshea had this to offer:

Godspeed Brother! …….. OK, I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but I am getting SICK AND TIRED of hearing about Officers getting shot and our fellow Warriors not returning fire! Hello, F-ing cover fire Gents, get the job done! This is really something that pisses me off, we are breeding a bunch of victimsnot warriors! If your fellow Warrior is going to be on point and he/she takes a round or gun fire???? Lay down SUPPRESSIVE FIRE A.S.A.P. so you can get your fellow Officer out of the kill zone! We out here on LAPD had a bunch of Officers serving a warrant on a 187 suspect and after the knock and notice, he put 7 , 45 caliber rounds from a Glock 21 through the door, and NO ONE in the stack laid down any cover fire!!! WTF??? Those little hand canons you have on your hips and the boom sticks you have while on point are not for show, they are for business, so get the job done! Decide RIGHT NOW weather or not you can take a life and if you can’t I have two words for you, Paper or Plastic! Wow, this shit pisses me off, suspect in custody??????? Congratulations! One shot fired, yeah, by the suspect, are you F-ing kidding me? My fellow Warriors who do not have their minds right, better shit or get off the pot! Unbelievable!

Perhaps I misunderstand something about the term “Protect and Serve” but it seems to me that Mr. Oshea’s sentiments are a bit…um…misplaced.

Warriors? What ever happened to “peace officers?”

I absolutely believe that Officers have every right to defend themselves and fellow officers, but “suppressive fire?” I don’t suppose any thought of innocent people living next door or walking down the street two blocks over should be any concern to Police officers now should it???

WTFO? Suppressive fire is something you use against an opposing ARMY, not something you use against one guy wh0 may be a criminal…or may just be a guy who thinks you were trying to rob or murder him.

It sounds to me like the cops who think they are an occupying force or invading army are the ones who need to “get their minds right.”

Am I wrong???


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