Good lies are based on a kernel of truth

And the anti-gunners are old pros at the science and art of telling good lies.

This article was brought to my attention by both Caleb and an e-mail from a reader (thanks Keith) who pointed out David’s blog post on it (who kindly notes that the author of the article…who, incidentally, was not present at the demonstration about which he opines…happens to be a board member of the anti-gun “Virginians against handgun violence”).

Although the points made by the author in the piece are based on some facts (as all good lies tend to be), the picture that they are used to paint is a blatant falsehood.

There WAS some laughter, there were, I believe, two or three times where someone shouted “Second Amendment” or “Protect our rights” or something along those lines, but they didn’t happen while speakers were talking; they happened during lulls in the “presentation.” There were no coordinated chants, cat-calls, jeering, boos or any other incidents that could have been construed as disrupting their program. During the “lie-in” someone did shout “all in support of gun rights stand up” followed by laughter.

There WAS some laughter when a few of the anti-rights people broke out in a very poorly presented rendition of “we shall overcome”; the laughter was in response, however, not so much to their lack of musical prowess, but toward the irony of a group dedicated to ERASING a basic civil right hijacking the theme song of a movement that fought to ACHIEVE civil rights. There was some background talking, and some loud comments, but not to the level that could possibly be construed as “disrupting” their demonstration.

I would also point out that they misrepresent the spirit and intent of their demonstration. This was not a vigil “in memory” of the victims of Virginia Tech, this was a political rally for the purpose of supporting and advancing a political agenda…the banners they proudly held high didn’t say “remember the victims”, they said “close the gunshow loophole”. The fact that they brazenly used victims of a tragedy to endorse their cause (something that some would classify as practicing Saltatus Cruoris), does not make their event anything other than what it was: a public, political rally.

If they didn’t want the public to show up, they could have done it on private land, the very fact that they have the audacity to hold a public rally on public land and then cry about it when the public that shows up doesn’t support their cause is very telling. Additionally telling about their intentions and inability to tolerate dissenting views is the fact that they tried to have the part of the public that didn’t agree with them removed before the event even started.

In any case, the bottom line is that there was no “intimidation” or “bullying” coming from the pro-gun side. If anything, we were in very good spirits and were decidedly non-threatening (except, of course, to people who “feel threatened” by the very visage of an armed citizen). The only people expressing anger or outrage were the anti-gunners. As I mentioned in my original post, the only people doing any pushing and shoving were the anti-gunners. I have to wonder if they were trying to provoke a response intentionally to try to foment an altercation that they could point to as evidence of our “bullying”. Unfortunately for them, gun owners tend to be more emotionally stable than they so their efforts to start trouble went unrewarded.

If we had made a concerted effort to disrupt their program, had heckled their speakers, chanted slogans or shouted them down (as I have seen done time and time again when the roles are reversed), I would have been the first to criticize the conduct of the attendees…but that didn’t happen. We showed up, there were a few isolated incidents of shouts (when no speakers were talking), some laughter, some commenting amongst ourselves, but absolutely nothing that could be considered “bullying” or “intimidation”. Those charges are outright lies.

The fact is that the anti-gunner’s entire case rests on an emotional reaction rather than facts or reason. This is nothing more than an attempt to engender further emotional response by smearing the supporters of liberty…unfortunately, as usual, they will have the full collusion of the MSM in spreading their distortions and lies and many will never hear the truth. This is the battle that we wage daily and that’s why we can never rest.


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