Here we go again

6 die in shooting at Mo City Council Meeting

Ten days after losing a federal lawsuit against this St. Louis suburb he insisted harassed him, a gunman stormed a council meeting and opened fire, killing two police officers and three city officials.

That’s just ridiculous…hey…maybe they should have made it illegal for a citizen to carry a gun into a city council meeting?

Kirkwood City Ordinances

Sec. 17-132. Concealed weapons.

(a) No person who has been issued a concealed carry endorsement …shall, by authority of that endorsement or permit, be allowed to carry a concealed firearm or to openly carry a firearm into:

(4) Any meeting of the Kirkwood City Council, except that nothing in this subdivision shall preclude a member of the Kirkwood City Council, holding a valid concealed carry endorsement, from carrying a concealed firearm at a meeting of the City Council provided that it is not otherwise prohibited herein.

Oh…well…maybe they should make it ILLEGALER.

Hat tip to VCDL


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