I wasn’t gonna

but now I gotta.

My good friend, fellow VCDL member, and co-conspirator on the yet to be announced big project that I’ve been working on, Clint, tipped me off to the latest campus shooting yesterday. I probably could have scooped most of the other gunbloggers had I posted on it right away, but I was very disheartened by the news.

Upon reading the blogs this morning, I noted that it was being adequately covered, so I just didn’t mention it.

In an e-mail conversation with Clint this morning, I explained to him why I hadn’t posted on it…and then proceeded to write a post about it. Because the work is already done, I’m just going to reprint that email here to express my feelings on the subject:

I simply don’t know what to say that hasn’t been said a thousand times before.

Several bloggers are covering it and I’ve just decided to let them handle it. If I do comment on it, it will probably be in response to something someone says about it.

What makes me sick is that within a couple of days, the press will have identified the perpetrator and his name, history, personal details and picture will be plastered all over the papers, TV and internet…granting him exactly what he wanted: notoriety. That’s why it keeps happening: combine the narcissism of our current age with the reverence afforded celebrity, with the sensationalism of the news, with the never-ending abundance of “soft targets” and we’re going to continue to see these types of acts over and over again…probably with increasing frequency.

Oops. I think I just wrote a blog post about it. Maybe I’ll just post this reply later.

So there you have it. My feelings in a nutshell. The anti-gunners are going to have no shortage of blood in which to dance. These things are going to continue unabated and probably at an even greater pace in the future.


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