The latest on the Chesapeake Police Raid

Gone bad, previously covered here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

You know…I’m just going to start a new category for this…I’m going to start two new categories…one for police follies I’m going to call “Police State” (I know, not very original, but that’s me) and one I’ll just call “Ryan Frederick”. Look for that change soon.

Anyway, the latest is that the Chesapeake Commonwealth’s Attorney is bringing in a “special prosecutor” to take charge of this case. Ostensibly this is to preclude any hint of Frederick being treated unfairly. I say ostensibly because I don’t think it is insignificant WHO they chose to be the special prosecutor:

Paul Ebert, the commonwealth’s attorney from Prince William County, was appointed.

The Northern Virginia prosecutor has handled a number of high-profile cases — including the prosecution of D.C.-area sniper John Allen Muhammad, who was convicted after the trial was moved to Virginia Beach and sentenced to death.

This isn’t just any ol’ “special prosecutor;” this is bringing in the big guns. They REALLY want Frederick convicted and sentenced to death.

This bears watching. We’ll see what happens at the bond hearing next week. After that, I doubt that there will be much news until the trial starts and that could be a while.


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