Public Apology

Regular readers are aware of the recent dustup over Bitter’s comments regarding VCDL’s part (or lack thereof, depending on your perspective) in the recent decision to revise the firearms rules in National Parks.

I believe that, during the course of that discussion, I misunderstood and misconstrued Countertop’s position. I’ve already apologized to him in an e-mail exchange but I wanted to make it public.

I also want to apologize to Bitter, Sebastian and my readers.

I am generally very slow to anger and even-tempered. In this case, however, I succumbed to my baser instincts and granted others control over my emotions.

I still do not feel that my sentiments were wrong. I believe that Bitter’s comments were not “constructive criticism” but an unwarranted attack and served only to demean the VCDL and its leadership.

With that said, however, my reaction to her comments was immature and overly emotional. I made accusations and insinuations for which I have no support other than my own assumptions. I allowed myself to become angry and I reacted in an inappropriate fashion.

I believe that my overall point is still valid, but I failed to effectively communicate that point and undermined my own message with my anger. That was wrong, is not constructive and does nothing to advance our cause.

I did our cause, my readers and our community a disservice and for that I apologize.


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