Quick Legislative Update

From VCDL. Then I’m off to vote for Fred Thompson in the Primary.

Big win for gun owners!

The Senate voted today, 24 to 15, to pass SB 476, Senator Hanger’s restaurant ban repeal!

Special thanks to Senator Hanger and Cuccinelli!

B 436, Delegate Jackson Miller, allows police officers to arrest on a class 1 or class 2 misdemeanor AT WILL has passed the House and is on its way to the Senate. Not an anti-gun bill, but one that can have negative effects for gun owners, and opposed by VCDL accordingly.

The following bills are DEAD due to not being heard by a committee or by being deferred:

PRO-GUN bills: 🙁

HB 109, Delegate Cole, state agency preemption

HB 210, Delegate Cole, allows private K-12 schools and child day centers to hire armed security officers

HB 212, Delegate Cole, repeals a law that allows localities to keep a record of handguns

HB 424, Delegate Marshall, allows full time faculty at universities and colleges with a CHP to carry

HB 1088, Delegate Sickles, protects social security numbers in hunting and fishing licenses

HB 1292, Delegate Athey, allows loaded firearms in locked containers in vehicles and boats (Senate version is still alive)

HB 1371, Delegate Gilbert, college carry

HB 1544, Delegate Gilbert, restaurant ban repeal (Senate equivalent is still alive)

SB 332, Senator Cuccinelli, protects CHP list (still alive in a House bill)

ANTI-GUN bills: 😉

HB 281, Delegate Toscano, would have prevented someone with a protective order from having a gun in their own home

HB 435, Delegate Jackson Miller, would have required a person to ID to a police officer (not really anti-gun, but opposed because of likely negative effect on gun owners)

HB 588, Delegate Marsden, puts air guns under concealed weapons law

HB 608, Delgate Eisenberg, would have prevented someone with a protective order from having a gun in their own home

HB 1055, Delegate Jim Scott, would prohibit firearms possession, purchase or transport for someone who has had their parental rights terminated

HB 814, Delegate Ward, requires questions to be asked about gun ownership for protective orders


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