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For those that haven’t been following the story of Ryan Frederick and the Chesapeake (apparently errant) drug raid that resulted in the death of Chesapeake Police Detective Jarrod Shivers. I’ve covered the story here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

Today I received a comment on one of my posts on the subject from a supporter of Mr. Frederick who relayed information on making donations. I did my best to verify the information provided and I’m as convinced as I can be that this is a legitimate effort to assist Mr. Frederick in paying for his defense and basic needs while this case is ongoing.

To donate to the cause, click on the donate button which will bring you to Paypal’s “send money” screen.

Update: I had some issues with my cobbled up donate button. Now it just goes to Paypal’s web site. To get to the “Send Money” screen you hover your mouse over “Send Money” toward the top of the screen, then click “Send Money Online” in the menu that pops up. Sorry if it caused any confusion.

Update2: The administrators of this fund have graciously provided a “Pay Now” button to ease donating. Now just click “Pay Now”. In the window that opens, enter an amount, click “Update Totals”, and type your email and password to login to Paypal (or click the “Don’t have a Paypal account” link to the left of the login box). Be sure to designate what you want your donation used for before finalizing the transaction.[/update]

I’ve also added the button to my sidebar right below the “contact me” link so you can donate at any time.

Enter ryan_frederick_9@yahoo.com in the “to” field, your email address in the “from” field and the amount, then click continue.

Before completing the transaction, put into comments how you want your donation used. They are accepting donations for his defense fund, paying his bills, or his “canteen” money for basic needs while he’s incarcerated.

If you’d like to contact those administering the account, e-mail kylesposhstyle@yahoo.com.

There is also a “myspace page” for Mr. Frederick at http://www.myspace.com/ryan_frederick.


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