SKS Trigger Job

[Update] Due to the recent changes in ATF interpretation of “manufacturing” and my strong desire to avoid federal prison time. I am no longer doing trigger jobs. I apologize to anyone who would like to have this work done, but It simply isn’t worth taking the chance. At some point I plan to do a post on completing the trigger job which I hope will enable some of you to do the work yourselves. It isn’t rocket science (prima facia evidence: I can do it) so hopefully, with a little instruction, you’ll be able to do it too. [/Update]

I’ve raised a little cash toward buying a new computer by giving M1 and SKS post CDs to those who donate but, with the help of, fellow gunblogger and SKS owner, Nate, I’ve come up with a new and improved fund raising effort.

Basically, he asked me to do a trigger job on his SKS for him. He went with the deluxe package: he bought a Wolff spring set and sent them with his trigger group and had me install an overtravel stop screw in addition to the basic trigger job.

This is the first time I’ve ever done any gunsmithing on a rifle that wasn’t my own. I knew I could do the job successfully; but, as an amateur, I was a little concerned that my work wouldn’t be up to his standards.

Happily, he was satisfied. He even agreed to write a “testimonial” so here’s my advertising campaign:

A couple months ago, I asked Curt to perform the trigger improvements on my SKS trigger group that he had accomplished and so ably blogged about on his own rifle. My SKS is a great rifle but the trigger was just terrible. The trigger pull was rough, indefinite in its release and completely incompatible with accurate shooting. I asked Curt to do the work since he was already experienced with the task and it looked like something I didn’t want to tackle.

He did a terrific job! He had the work completed and back to me in just a week even though I said there was no hurry and he included the over-travel mod after asking me via email if I’d like it done. When I got the chance to shoot the SKS, it was like a new rifle! The trigger releases light and smooth and is a huge improvement from before Curt’s efforts. I was able to consistently hit an empty 20 pound propane tank, offhand, at 120 yards, using iron sights, a shot that I missed more often than I hit before the trigger improvements. The rifle is so good now that my buddy Kenny said he’d be tempted to buy his own SKS and have Curt do the same work since he was so put off by the original trigger during previous shooting trips.

Curt’s efforts on my trigger group has made my SKS into exactly the rifle I expected it to be and I appreciate his expert work.

–Nate McCord, Ogden, UT

Thanks for the kind words Nate. Your trust in allowing me to do this work for you is greatly appreciated.

Because of his satisfaction with the job, I now feel more confident about offering to do this work for other people. I’m going to describe the details of what I’m offering in another post so that it won’t have all this history attached and just the details of the offer. I probably won’t get to that tonight, but be looking for it tomorrow and if you know anyone who owns an SKS and might be interested in making the trigger better, send ’em my way.


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