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[Update] Due to the recent changes in ATF interpretation of “manufacturing” and my strong desire to avoid federal prison time. I am no longer doing trigger jobs. I apologize to anyone who would like to have this work done, but It simply isn’t worth taking the chance. At some point I plan to do a post on completing the trigger job which I hope will enable some of you to do the work yourselves. It isn’t rocket science (prima facia evidence: I can do it) so hopefully, with a little instruction, you’ll be able to do it too. [/Update]

Yesterday I posted the history and decision making process involved in making this offer so, if you’re interested, there’s more info there.

First, I don’t want to mislead anyone who is thinking about letting me do this work; I am not a professional gunsmith. I am a self-taught hobbyist. I am not doing this to “make a living” or even to make “extra money”…I’m making this offer to meet a specific need. Once that need is met, this offer may no longer be available so, if you are thinking about it, now is the time.

In a nutshell here’s the basic offer:

For a donation of $35, I’ll do a basic trigger job on your SKS

For a donation of $50, I’ll do the basic trigger job and add an overtravel stop to your trigger housing.

Now for the details:

The basic trigger job consists of re-cutting and polishing the sear and hammer contact points, polishing the sear rails, and adjusting the sear engagement. What you will end up with is a distinct two stage operation with a slightly positive sear/hammer engagement, very minimal creep and a crisp let-off. I don’t have a trigger pull gage (yet) but by my estimation, after completing this trigger job, the trigger pull will be reduced to somewhere between 4 and 6 lbs.

Someday I’ll get a gage and I’ll be able to refine that a little more, but that’s about as close as I can estimate it right now.

If you would like to install Wolff springs, purchase them and send them with your trigger housing assembly and I’ll install them for you as a part of the basic trigger job. The reduced weight hammer and sear springs from Wolff will reduce the trigger pull by about another pound and are more consistent than the stock springs.

The SKS is a pretty sturdy rifle and I don’t anticipate having to replace any parts, but the possibility exists that something will be worn beyond the ability to adjust or repair. In that event, I will contact you and explain exactly what needs to be replaced and why. At that point you can:

A) Have me stop work, reassemble the housing and send it back to you as-is (and I’ll refund your donation if you’ve already made it).

B) Purchase the parts that need replaced and have them shipped to me.
C) Have me purchase the replacements parts and let you know how much you need to add to your donation to pay for them.

The installation of an overtravel stop addresses one more thing that can have a major impact on the “feel” of the trigger.

Overtravel is how far the trigger continues to the rear after the sear breaks and the hammer falls. Overtravel on an SKS is quite dramatic and can have a significant impact on accuracy.

Installing an overtravel stop requires drilling and tapping a screw hole into the rear of the trigger guard so if you want your SKS to stay original, this mod is not for you.

It is also not the prettiest of modifications so if the look of it bothers you…again, not for you.

But if you care more about trigger feel and accuracy than aesthetics, you may want to consider this.

I have found that the overtravel stop screw makes a significant difference in the feel of the trigger and my ability to be accurate with this rifle.

Also, note that I have the pistol grip removed from my T-6 stock in this picture. If you have a T-6 stock (or, I would imagine, any aftermarket stock with a pistol grip) after the pistol grip is installed, it hides the screw head fairly well which makes the mod much less noticeable.

OK, so your thinking “I’m interested, now what?”: first e-mail me by clicking on the “Contact Me” link just under my profile in the sidebar. After I get you my mailing address, you remove your trigger housing group and send it, along with the Wolff springs if you want them installed, to the address I give you. I will do the work, then mail the housing back to you. You pay for postage/shipping one way, I’ll pay it the other way. If you want me to use a shipping method other than standard First Class USPS, you can pay the difference and I’ll ship it any way you like.

As far as the donation goes, you can send a check or money order along with the trigger housing. I will wait for personal checks to clear before mailing the housing back and you will be required to pay any bounced check fees that my bank charges me should the need arise. Alternatively, you can use the “donate” buttons in the sidebar to make your donation through Paypal or Gearpay (be sure you don’t donate to Ryan Frederick by mistake…he’d appreciate the donation, but he’s not going to do a trigger job for you). I will mail the trigger housing back to you as soon as I finish it and either the check has cleared or the donation has been credited to my Paypal or Gearpay accounts.

I guarantee my work. If I break your trigger housing, I’ll fix it or replace it. If you aren’t satisfied with my work after you get the trigger housing back, I’ll refund your donation (minus the cost of parts if I had to replace any). We’re all a part of the shooting brotherhood. You’re trusting me to do this work for you so I’m trusting you to be straight up with me after it’s done. If you say my work sucked, it sucked and you’ll get your money back.

If you DON’T think my work sucked, I’d appreciate it if you could write something about it so I can add your thoughts below. My first contributor was kind enough to write something and, if and when I receive more, I’ll post them below his.


Thank you for your interest in my project and I hope you’ll consider my offer if you have been thinking about making your SKS into a better shooter.

The Scuttlebutt from Contributors

A couple months ago, I asked Curt to perform the trigger improvements on my SKS trigger group that he had accomplished and so ably blogged about on his own rifle. My SKS is a great rifle but the trigger was just terrible. The trigger pull was rough, indefinite in its release and completely incompatible with accurate shooting. I asked Curt to do the work since he was already experienced with the task and it looked like something I didn’t want to tackle.

He did a terrific job! He had the work completed and back to me in just a week even though I said there was no hurry and he included the over-travel mod after asking me via email if I’d like it done. When I got the chance to shoot the SKS, it was like a new rifle! The trigger releases light and smooth and is a huge improvement from before Curt’s efforts. I was able to consistently hit an empty 20 pound propane tank, offhand, at 120 yards, using iron sights, a shot that I missed more often than I hit before the trigger improvements. The rifle is so good now that my buddy Kenny said he’d be tempted to buy his own SKS and have Curt do the same work since he was so put off by the original trigger during previous shooting trips.

Curt’s efforts on my trigger group has made my SKS into exactly the rifle I expected it to be and I appreciate his expert work.

–Nate McCord, Ogden, UT


5 thoughts on “SKS Trigger Job

  1. Your video series helped me understand what makes the SKS trigger work. I also studied other online resources. The result is that my trigger went from a 10.5 lb pull, long travel, giddiness, and a creepy trigger to 3.12 lb pull, with a neutral to slight positive engagement, no creep, the giddiness is completely gone, softened first stage, and crisp second stage. I can confidently say that my SKS has now an almost match trigger. I am amazed. Last time I was at the range (with the stock trigger), I could shoot about 1.5~2″ groups at 100 yards. I am anxious to find out what can I do now. Thank you for inspiring me to work on my trigger. Where can I donate a thank you to?

  2. I’m glad that my humble input helped you. No donation required…if for no other reason than because I simply don’t have a graceful way for you to do it. I refuse to use Paypal because of their anti-gun policies and they’re pretty much the only game in town when it comes to that kind of thing, so I accept your thanks in lieu of a generous donation.

    You’re welcome.

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