Chet Szymecki update

As some of you remember, about a year ago, VCDL and member Chet Szymecki was arrested by the Norfolk Police Department for…um…not breaking the law.

At that time, I knew that he intended to file a lawsuit regarding the gross injustice and mistreatment that he and his family suffered, but I didn’t have any details. Well, it seems that the suits have finally been filed in federal court.

Thanks to my stat logs, I was directed to this thread on (I’m a member, but I don’t check the forums nearly often enough…OK…I admit it, I pretty much NEVER check the forums. I spend too much time on the computer as it is).

At any rate, Chet has graciously provided pdf copies of the complaints filed by himself and by his wife.

Also, a commenter provided links to the federal court dockets for the cases. Chet’s Case, His wife’s case.

I’ll keep you updated as the case progresses.


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