Darn, I missed it.

Update: Oops! As pointed out by Laughing Dog in comments, I didn’t miss it:

The Macon Music announced today that the team will host “Eliot Spitzer” Night on Friday, June 13th 2008 when the Music play host to the Aiken Foxhounds. [emphasis added]

Anybody up for a road trip to Macon in a couple of months?


Eliot Spitzer Night

1. The Music have extended an invitation for former New York Governor Spitzer to be on hand and throw out the first pitch

6. Wire Taps will be placed throughout the ballpark this evening

7. ATMs will be available for cash withdrawals not to exceed $5,000 per hour

8. Any fan who has resigned their position will be given $1 off admission

I love Minor League baseball.


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