A few people have been talking about the newly released short documentary from Dutch PM MP [sorry, typo -ed] Geert Wilders.

The first hosting company with the nads to host it was Live Leak but if you click that link, you’ll only find an “official statement” on why they pulled it.

Basically, their employees and staff were receiving death threats from members of the religion of peace. Since the company is based in Dhimmi-central, in the UK, they believed the threats to be credible and pulled the movie.

The cat was already out of the bag, however, because copies of it quickly proliferated across the internet. That genie ain’t going back into the bottle.

Ironically, the video hosting service that is listed prominently in the dictionary under the term “Politically Correct” still has the video up and running…yes, you heard me right, the video is still being hosted by YouTube.

There’s no telling how long that will be up so I took the liberty of saving it. If it disappears from YouTube, I’ll be happy to put a copy of it up (until my hosting provider blocks it) so others can still see it.

I’d say Mr. Wilders proved his point quite eloquently…not necessarily through the movie itself, but through the inevitable and predicted results. Islam is anything but a “religion of peace.” Actions indeed speak louder than words.


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