Good News/Bad News

Virginia State Senator Ken Cuccinelli is running for Attorney General:

RICHMOND – Sen. Ken T. Cuccinelli, a conservative Republican from western Fairfax County, intends to seek his party’s nomination for attorney general next year.

The good news is that we have enjoyed a string of pro-gun Attorneys General in Virginia and Mr. Cuccinelli would only extend that record. Also, it would be a step toward the Governor’s office and Mr. Cuccinelli would be a huge boost for Virginia gun owners as Governor.

The bad news is that if he wins and gives up his Senate seat, there’s no telling who we might end up with in that seat. Fairfax county is hardly a bastion of pro-gun politics and Mr. Cuccinelli barely held his seat against an anti-gun candidate in the last election.

Of course, one seat is not going to give the gun-grabbers control of the Senate right now, but as far as I’m concerned, one seat is one seat too many.

All the best to Mr. Cuccinelli in advancing his career, but I sure hope we come up with a strong candidate to compete for that seat so we don’t lose it to the anti-freedom forces.


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