I know

I don’t normally blog on the weekends. I do sometimes read blogs on the weekends though…if for no other reason, because if I don’t, I’ve got two hundred or more entries to look at on Monday (I’m always amazed at how prolific bloggers can be).

Anyway, I just wanted to point out a couple of posts that I really thought deserved some attention this morning.

First, from a relatively new blog in my “daily reads” list: Fighting for Liberty, with “Rape whistles are instruments of torture”. Wherein Liberty satirically exposes “rape whistles” to the treatment generally reserved for self defensive tools of a more effective nature. The only thing I would add to her proposed “Rape Free Zone” is the adoption of penis registration, research into the practicality of penis microstamping, and the submission of “ammunition samples” for the creation of a “DNA Ballistic Database”.

Then, Xavier with An Encounter at Walmart, a case study in situational awareness, dealing with a potential threat effectively and what to do afterwards. Excellent post Xavier, and well played sir.

That is all…now to get back to my regularly scheduled lallygagging.


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