More on Governor Tim (Please save me from myself) Kaine

A person of my upbringing often wonders why so many liberals don’t trust we common peasants to manage our own affairs.

Why they feel it necessary to dictate what substances we may put into our bodies, in what concentrations and quantities.

Why they must approve of, certify, sanctify (and tax) various and sundry service providers before authorizing us to pay them to practice their skills on our behalf.

Why they feel it necessary to dictate behaviors that they deem to be “safe” and proscribe those they deem “unsafe”.

And they are not satisfied to simply warn us of the dangers…oh no; they must COMPEL us to comply under threat of violence…for our own good, you see.

During the town hall meeting on Wednesday, Governor Kaine lent a keen insight into the minds and motivations of at least one authoritarian nanny-stater.

Curiously, I actually support the measure that he was explaining. The bill in question simply allows citizens to suspend the issuance of credit reports. The idea is that if we feel there is a danger that our personal information has been compromised and someone may be attempting to use our identity to secure credit cards and loans, we can notify the credit agencies and have them suspend all credit reporting…thereby eliminating the possibility of our “identity” being extended credit without our permission.

But his description of one of the beneficial side effects of this law spoke volumes as to the personalities of those who would relinquish all responsibility (and thereby control) over the citizenry’s lives to the state:

Audio Here

If, like, I’ve got three credit cards, and I’m worried that I’ll get four or five more: I’ll freeze [garbled] of my own credit as a way to stop myself from getting more credit, or…doing myself more damage…


You see…the way I was raised. If you can’t afford more credit cards, you simply don’t apply for them. If you can’t afford a house payment, you don’t buy the house. If you can’t afford to make a car payment or cover the insurance premiums…you buy a cheaper car, or take the bus.

But Governor Tim (somebody stop me) Kaine has so little self-control that, if HE’s to the point where he fears overextending himself, he’s got to take actions to enlist SOMEONE ELSE to physically prevent him from “doing myself more damage.”

No wonder they want the government to run their lives for them.

I just wish they’d leave me the heck out of it.


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