The Only Ones syndrome strikes again

Apparently, guns and alcohol don’t mix…unless you’re a Virginia Commonwealth Attorney or deputy.

As my readers already know, SB 476, which would have allowed CHP holders to carry discreetly in establishments that serve alcohol provided that they don’t drink, and that they inform the staff that they are carrying, was vetoed by Governor Tim (I’ll never hold another elected office in the State of Virginia for the rest of my natural life) Kaine.

It has recently come to my attention (through a VCDL Alert, of course) that Governor Tim (I wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up and bit me in the ass) Kaine signed SB 776 into law. What does SB 776 do you ask? Why, it allows “off-duty” Commonwealth’s Attorneys and their deputies to carry concealed weapons into those selfsame establishments that serve alcohol without even requiring them to complete the background checks, training and other associated stupid human tricks necessary to obtain a Concealed Handgun Permit.

“Well”, you might think, “surely they included the provision making it illegal to drink while carrying concealed in bars and restaurants and that they’ll have to inform the staff that they’re carrying just like the common peasants would have right?”


So: According to Governor Tim (you can tell I’m lying because my gums are flapping) Kaine, the old canard “guns and alcohol don’t mix” only applies to us commoners. Employees of the citizenry are “above” such apothegms.

Governor Tim (don’t look at me, you were the one stupid enough to believe my campaign promises) Kaine is holding a series of “Town Hall meetings” allowing the subjects citizens to ask questions about the past session. He was in Newport News last night. The report from VCDL:

The Governor tried to obfuscate by saying that Commonwealth Attorneys are “law enforcement,” but not SWORN law enforcement and therefore couldn’t carry concealed in restaurants that serve alcohol, as he read the bill. He did say he was “pretty sure” that was true, but would look at the bill again.

The Governor is flat out wrong. Amazing, since he has a degree from Harvard, yet can’t seem to read a basic bill and understand it.

He’s going to be in Norfolk on the 19th. I’ve already cleared it with the boss, I’m going to be there and see if I can get an opportunity to ask him if he’s had a chance to research the law he signed yet. By they way, if he looks at it again and finds that it DOES allow what VCDL says it does…will he “unsign” it? Just curious. I would think he would read the darn thing BEFORE affixing his signature and making it the law of the land…but that’s just me. I’m just a humble serf, not a mighty omnipotent ruler.

As a side note…just to rub salt in the wound…I find that BOTH of my representatives voted AGAINST SB 476 but voted FOR SB 776. I sent them both the following letter asking them to clarify their positions:

I’m confused about something that perhaps you could clear up.

You voted against SB 476 during the last session which would have allowed trained, background checked and licensed Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit holders to discreetly carry their defensive firearms in establishments that serve alcohol. This law would have also made it a crime for said qualified and licensed permittees to drink ANY alcohol while armed in such an establishment and also required them to inform the establishment’s staff that they were armed.

During the same session, you voted FOR SB 776, which allows “off duty” Commonwealth Attorneys and their deputies…with no requirements for training, background checks or licenses…to carry concealed firearms in those same establishments that serve alcohol; SB 776, however, has no prohibition against said attorneys and deputies drinking while armed and provides no requirement for informing the staff that they are armed.

The mixed signals are very confusing to me. Is the adage “guns and alcohol don’t mix” limited in its scope and application? If so, why?

Are employees of the citizenry somehow deserving of more rights and privileges than their employers? If so, why?

I’ll be anxiously awaiting your reply.

I’ll post any replies I get.


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