A sign of the end times?

I was looking over the headlines this morning when I noticed this op-ed in the Daily Press.

I almost choked on my coffee when I read:

Think for a minute about the import of these figures: The Bush tax cuts are not the cause of our nation’s growing deficit.

No, when tax collections are at a record high, the problem is on the other side of the equation. As the accompanying graph shows, it’s that sharply increasing spending line.

The deficit is growing because Washington can’t — or won’t — stop spending your money,

WHAT????? A main stream media outlet that ISN’T crying to eliminate the “Bush Tax Cuts” that only exploit the poor who don’t pay any taxes and enrich those horrible, terrible, nasty rich people?

Is it April 1 already?

Oh…wait a minute:

on everything from corporate welfare, to earmarks for dubious projects whose sole purpose is to make congressmen look good back home, to the war in Iraq.

Now THAT’s the media I know and…um…well…I know ’em anyway…

I happen to agree about the corporate welfare and earmarks, but I notice that they include in the “wasteful” spending, one of the few items of federal spending that is actually authorized by the Constitution, national defense, and fail to mention the myriads of social programs, charitable efforts and various and sundry other liberal faves that most decidedly are not a part of the federal powers and mandates enshrined in the supreme law of the land.

But still…just the idea that they are acknowledging that there is a possibility that the government MIGHT be spending too much…and, at the same time acknowledging that it is actually OUR money that’s being spent…

I don’t remember, what’s the next one…fire and brimstone, or earthquakes? Either way, I’ll be keeping my eye out for that guy on the pale horse.


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