State of the Gun Series

The final article ( “Caught in an arms race, more Virginians pack guns”) of the four part series in the Virginian Pilot is out and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. The sensationalist title led me to expect your typical MSM PSH, but I must say that the author actually treated the subject very fairly.

Basically, as I said yesterday, the first article seemed pretty solidly anti-gun, The second a little less so, the third even less and today’s article could even be construed as positive on the subject of citizens carrying defensive firearms.

Overall, I think the author did about as fair a job covering this issue as can be expected from a member of the media.

A bit more in-depth analysis, rather than just regurgitating opposing assertions with no effort to determine which, if either, is more veracious, would be appropriate in my humble opinion…but I guess I shouldn’t expect too much from reporters. They ‘re generally only journalism majors after all…


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