Deputy accidentally shot in vacant building

Police spokeswoman Ann Hope said that around 10:22 a.m., two deputies were searching the vacant building on King Street in preparation for boarding it up. She said one of the deputies was shot in an apparent accident. No one else was inside the buildng, Hope said.

Um…no. I don’t care how it happened…unless the gun jumped out of the Deputy’s holster, malfunctioned and fired all by itself, thereby shooting the other Deputy in the leg…it was not an “accident”, it was negligence, plain and simple.

And why did the shooter have his/her firearm out of the holster to begin with. There was obviously no articulable threat…they were the only ones in the building. Even had they been warned that the place was being used as a flop house or something, unless there were reports of an armed and dangerous criminal holing up there, I just don’t see having a weapon out and ready to use.

But even if they DID have a reason to have the weapon out: is it customary for LEOs to wander around abandoned buildings with their fingers inside the trigger guards of their weapons? I’m thinking that the Portsmouth Sheriff’s department needs to review the rules.

I guess this could go into David’sThe only ones” files under “We’re the only ones shooting each other enough…”

By the way, the “authorized journalists” and their “layers of editorial oversight” apparently fixed the typos pointed out repeatedly in the comments to the article. It’s only two paragraphs and a sentence so it’s pretty impressive that they could fit that many typos into that few words. And they fixed them without even crediting or thanking those commenters who so graciously pointed them out to them.


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