Baby’s gotta new pair o’ shoes

I got my new grips from today. I was supposed to get them yesterday, but I was in the garage when the mailguy tried to deliver them. He didn’t ring the bell; he either knocked, or just left the notice, but I heard something outside, by the time I got to the window he was driving away and the notice was in the mailbox. Anyway, that just meant I had to wait one more day and pick them up at the post office today.

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I had finished putting the CZ all back together last night so all I had to do was put the new grips on and take her to the range. I did have to relieve some wood from the inside because they were interfering with the magazines, but it was very minor fitting and good to go.

I’ll post more details (and pix) about the fitting issue when I get to that point in the series. I just wanted to make a general statement that I had gotten them and daddy like. Daddy like very much.

They are gorgeous and they are nice and solid. No slipping at all. I didn’t have much time for a range trip so I only took one box of ammo with the intention of testing the work I did and adjusting the sights.

Mission accomplished.

The grips feel great. I got the sights where I want them, the trigger is smooth and crisp and no more “finger bite” when I shoot. All of the things I mentioned in my initial post that I wasn’t happy with have been fixed and I now have a very serviceable, easy to shoot, easy to conceal, back up/deep conceal pistol.

My son has an orchestra concert tonight so I probably won’t have time to get the mag release ‘smithing post up until tomorrow. Guess which pistol I’ll be carrying tonight?

Oh…and I’m supposed to get my new computer tomorrow too…life is good.


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