Coffee Cup Meme

I haven’t been tagged, but I couldn’t pass this one up.

Tam started it (unintentionally), then Cowboy Blob started tagging people willy nilly.

Basically, they’re posting pics of their coffee cups.

I wanna play.

Click all pix to make bigger.

A long time ago, in a land far, far away….sorry….I built my own little sports bar in the “bonus room” upstairs. When my wife and I quit drinking a few years ago, she didn’t want me to get rid of the bar because I’d built it from scratch all by my lonesome, so we’ve been working on turning it into a coffee bar. It’s still a work in progress, but, as you can see, we’ve got us some coffee mugs.

That’s not all of them by a long shot…just the ones we wanted to display. Didn’t want to put too many out and clutter it up too much.

Here are a few of my personal favorites. From left to right: one of my dad’s old cups. It was given to him by my kids when they were little and says “Grandpa” on the back. Mom gave it to me when dad went home.

Dad loved old cars and owned a restored 1930 Model A that he loved to putt around in. I’ve got a picture of it around here somewhere, I’ll try to post it someday.

Next is my Colts mug given to my by my kids at some point…I think it was a retirement present, but my memory sucks so I could be rememberating wrongly. Next is my first “First Class Mess” mug and then my first “Chief’s Mess” mug. The First Class Mess and Chief’s Mess are associations of E-6 and E-7 through E-9 personnel (respectively) in a Navy command. You are typically given a mug by the Mess when you join. The first ones are always meaningful because they represent major milestones in an Enlisted Navy career.

In case you’re interested, here’s a better overall view of the bar and room from the corner.

The French Doors lead out onto a balcony, which I used to call the “Smoking Deck” (I don’t need the nanny government to pass a law to ban smoking in my bar…I’ll do it on my own, thank you very much) but I believe is going to be changed to “the observation post” because it gives me a vantage point to monitor the criminal activities of my new neighbors.

And here it is from the opposite corner, standing between the French doors and the bar.

Considering how uninspired artistically and decoratively speaking I generally am, I’m pretty proud of how my cozy little play room turned out so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to brag a little bit.

‘Course I probably should have taken the cover off the pool table for the pix…Oh well, next time.


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