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Google alerts pointed me to this story this morning.

A three year old girl found her parents handgun the results have left the child in critical condition and the community in prayer for the young life hanging in the balance.

One of the girl’s parents apparently owned the gun with which she shot herself about 2:30 p.m. Sunday.

While gun violence is not a new phenomenon, it’s still something that makes people cringe when they hear about it – but they especially feel the real pain of violence in their souls when they hear the terms gun violence and children connected in any sentence.

I didn’t even bother to address the faulty statistics that they cite at the end of the “article.” I concentrated on the magical morphing of an incident from “accident” to “gun violence” within a couple of paragraphs.

The “article” doesn’t allow public comments per se, but I used their contact form to submit the following:

Re: “Toddler Shoots Self in Head – In Critical Condition”

Would your news department classify a child killed in an auto accident a victim of “car violence?”

How about a child who drowns: are they a victim of “pool violence” or “bathtub violence?”

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?

No more ridiculous than classifying an accidental shooting as “gun violence.”

As tragic as the incident was and as negligent as the parents obviously were in this situation, the fact that it involved one particular mechanical object over any number of other mechanical objects does not justify classifying it as “violence.”

Your bias is showing.

Nothing like a getting a little good propaganda with your news in the morning is there?


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