I dispise FEDEX

I’m tempted to just never do business with a company that only ships FEDEX.

I don’t know how many times I’ve had them deliver or try to delver packages to the neighbor’s house…it always seems to be the same neighbor too. How hard is it to look at the house number (that’s right there on the front porch in big black numerals) and think “hey, that’s not the right number”?

I mean, the last time I didn’t get something and it had been left over there, it had been put on a chair DIRECTLY BENEATH the numbers. The delivery guy had them right at eye level directly in front of him and less than 18 inches away when he put the package on the chair…is it too much to ask for them to actually, you know…look at them?

I’ve actually had to go to the FEDEX distribution office to pick up a package that required a signature because the delivery guy tried to deliver it to the wrong house THREE TIMES. How do you go to the wrong freaking house THREE TIMES and not bother to look at the house number on at least one of those occasions? I made it very clear when I spoke to the manager that I was not happy. Someone from their customer service called and apologized…but they don’t seem to have improved their reliability any.

I’ve NEVER had UPS deliver to the neighbor’s house.

The other thing I despise about FEDEX is their tracking system. UPS’ tracking system seems to be virtually real time. As soon as they pick up the package, they project the delivery date and I’ve only seen them have to change it once. At every stop in between the origin and my door, it’s location is updated so I have a very good idea of where it is and how long it will be to get to me at any given time. When the status changes to “out for delivery”, I am confident that I’m going to get it that day.

With FEDEX, the status can go days without changing. It seems to take forever for them to update it and when they do, it seems to be subject to change at pretty much any time, and the posted “delivery date” seems to be more of a wish than any type of actual prediction. Is Tom Hanks stuck on a deserted Island again? Who’s running the place over there?

Take my computer for example. Since it left Sacramento CA on the 18th, the “scheduled delivery” date has been today. There have been no updates since then. This morning, SIX DAYS LATER, it finally arrived in Hagarstown MD. And now, the “scheduled delivery date” is tomorrow. I have to wonder what it will have changed to tomorrow.

When the “scheduled delivery date” changes ON THE DATE that it is scheduled to be delivered…it’s not a “schedule”…it’s a “fantasy.”

UPS would have reported its location every time the package stopped somewhere. Why can’t FEDEX do that? It wasn’t apparent two or three days ago that it wasn’t going to make it by today?


Note to internet businesses everywhere: if I’m paying for shipping, I expect to have the option of paying UPS instead of FEDEX. If the only shipping option you offer is FEDEX and you aren’t paying for it, I’m going to purchase my products elsewhere. In fact, even if you ARE paying for it, I’m going to seriously consider finding another vendor rather than giving FEDEX any money even by proxy.

By the way…my employer uses FEDEX for most of their shipping…go figure.

So, even after I’ve instituted my new purchasing policy (like, as of right now) you can be pretty confident that there will still be future FEDEX rants for your edification and entertainment.


2 thoughts on “I dispise FEDEX

  1. Fedex released the fact that they will deliver to anyone near your address if you are not home about 4 years ago. It is in the delivery small print. I worked for an engineering company at that time and Fedex delivered a part from my ex employer to a competitor firm in the complex. I was really ready to contact the legal department, but I didn't. Fedex continued to deliver parts to various places within a mile or so of the site I was at. Ridiculous. They tell you the address they delivered to and you are supposed to go and find your item. There is a way to specify that they ship it to only you, but the shipper must do that in the order initiation. I think UPS may have the same fine print, but they didn't seem to do it as much. I have received working firearms left on my porch by FEDEX. Live ammo too. They have not gotten sued enough yet to learn a lesson, I guess.

  2. FedEx Corp. acquired privately held Kinko’s Inc. in February 2004 and rebranded it FedEx Kinko’s. The acquisition was made to expand FedEx retail access to the general public. After the acquisition, all FedEx Kinko’s locations exclusively offered only FedEx shipping.*.

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