I know…

…I keep threatening to get some CZ-82 posts up and I haven’t yet. Have I mentioned how busy I’ve been lately?

I just wanted to mention that my new Grips from Marschalgrips.com are on the Mail truck and I should have them today. I’m hoping to be able to finish putting it together today and maybe even have time from a quick range trip.

While doing that, I also couldn’t resist posting one picture:

Click to make bigger

This was last night, after finishing the trigger job and before starting to put it all back together.

One Česká zbrojovka vz.82…some assembly required.

Sorry for the nasty towel on the bench. I didn’t realize how cruddy it looked until looking at the picture just now. When I’m working, aesthetics don’t always occur to me. I need to wash that towel and break out a different one.

The towel keeps small parts from bouncing and/or rolling around if I drop them, absorbs excess cleaning/lubricating chemicals and keeps them from puddling up, and using light colored towels helps in being able to see small parts laying around. But it does get to looking quite ugly very quickly on a workbench.

Oleg Volk I most definitely am not.


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