I think I need to check out this guy’s book

When it hits the stands.

Some good insight in your column about the problem of violence in the cities. But the solution, if available at all, will not be found in the neo-fascism necessary to start a “war on guns” that would make the “war on drugs” seem highly successful. And the DEA, FBI and SWAT teams of today will seem like ACLU acolytes.

I share everybody’s Nirvana dream, but the real world won’t contain this thing. It’s in our blood. So maybe we better try to deal with it in a realistic way instead of crying out for the government to “save” us. They always jump at the opportunity, of course, and never deliver!

What’s his new book about? “Beyond a courtroom thriller, ‘Keep and Bear Arms’ examines the legal and social passions of post-9/11 America: vanishing civil liberties, vigilante reaction to immigrants, Homeland Security turf wars and the warp in the justice system,” he responds. “Can simple fairness survive? A five-car collision of ideals and realities. A book for thinking people who are not interested in a high body count.”

Sounds like compelling reading.


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