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Called the Carleton Democrats

They argue that we need guns to defend ourselves from all the criminals who want to kill you and that if guns were omnipresent then criminals would never attack because they would be afraid that you have a gun.

Comments are open, however, it took mine although no one has responded as of yet

A small sampling:

You’re projecting. Just because you aren’t emotionally stable enough to have a gun in your house without using it in the event of a disagreement with your wife doesn’t mean that the rest of us are cursed with that same lack of control.

Tens of millions of families in this country own guns. Is your contention that they never fight? If even one tenth of one percent of the approximately 42 million gun owning households were as irresponsible and prone to violence as you suggest, there would be upwards of 42,000 domestic shootings per year.

Be polite, but feel free to join in on the fun. We’ll see how long before they shut down comments.

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